K2 is committed to the highest standard of health and safety for our staff and sub-contractors and to the ongoing care of the environment. We are also always mindful of the impact our activities and advice can have on the health, safety and environment of our clients.

Our goal is “TO DO NO HARM”, either to our personnel, our clients or the environment.

To accomplish this goal we will:

  • Comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (1984) and Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (1996) and all relevant associated industry legislation and codes of practice
  • Ensure that all staff and sub-contractors are suitably qualified and trained for their position
  • Provide all staff and sub-contractors with the tools and knowledge necessary to carry out their work safely and with care for the environment
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment for all persons associated with our business
  • Ensure safe systems of work are part of our everyday business
  • Ensure our management practices support occupational health and safety in everyday business activities
  • Ensure commitment towards measurable targets for continuous improvement of existing practices
  • Ensure any adverse effect on people is considered unacceptable by all employees and actively seek the reduction of incidents and injuries
  • Develop commitment from all personnel to identify and report all hazards