Why K2?

What does it mean to be a K2 employee? If you ask yourself “Other than a competitive salary, what are the benefits and advantages of choosing to work for K2...what are the intangible benefits?” You will find your answers here.

K2 Management believes that the following represents just some of the most significant advantages and benefits that come with being a K2 employee:

A strong industry reputation and high-profile relationships

K2 is one of the largest independent Asset Management consultancies currently operating in Australasia and is a trusted company of choice for many of our clients.

As well as Australian-based companies such as Woodside, Origin, Santos and BHP Billiton, K2 also has worked for international companies such as Chevron, Apache and Leighton. Through expansion into other locations and industries and by continually expanding the range of services we offer our clients, K2 is expecting to further increase our presence and market share both within Australia and internationally.

A dynamic environment with a successful and dynamic growth plan

The resources industry is continually expanding and changing, particularly within Western Australia, Queensland and South-East Asia. K2's short, medium and long-term strategic plans have been established to allow us to take advantage of these changes, facilitating ongoing growth and expansion. In addition to the increase in the number and types of projects being awarded to K2, staff numbers continue to grow.

Innovative ideas and systems

K2 has a dedicated systems team who develop, improve and maintain leading edge software and applications for the industry. K2 staff outside of this team are often involved in testing and pioneering these applications in a projects environment.

ISO Accreditation

As an ISO 9001 accredited company, K2 enjoys international recognition for well-established and followed processes and systems, allowing work to be completed more efficiently and effectively.

An ongoing approach to, and demonstration of, valuing employees

K2’s culture is one of recognising and valuing both customers and employees. K2 understands that our greatest advantage will always be found in the quality of our staff.

A clear and supported vision, culture and values-set

K2 Management and staff place constant emphasis on an effort in supporting and reinforcing these aspects of business in order to continue building the K2 "family feel". All employees are encouraged to challenge Management if they believe there has been a contradiction with any of these areas. K2's values are:

  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Fun

Opportunities for overseas and interstate travel

K2 continues to look for opportunities for growth and expansion, both within and outside Australia. With offices in Western Australia, Queensland and Singapore as well as participation in a number of international conferences and projects, K2 staff are often provided with the opportunity to travel.

Open and honest communication to all staff

K2 embraces the value of "honesty" by encouraging transparency within the organisation. Staff members receive regular updates in the form of newsletters, presentations, meetings and emails. In addition, all management within K2 operate with an "open-door" policy, allowing regular opportunities for discussion.

Opportunities for staff development and professional growth

K2 actively encourages and supports the professional development of its people and has a number of corporate initiatives in place to assist employees in building competency and achieving success within their current roles or future career aspirations.

Variety within roles and clients

Being a consultancy, K2 has the advantage of providing different types of services to many different clients. Accordingly, wherever possible, K2 Management will ensure that staff have the chance to explore different roles and environments while working for K2.

K2 Management continues to expend a great deal of effort to facilitate “high value moves” of staff between projects. K2 Management is committed to continuing this process whenever and wherever possible.

Flexible work hours and leave arrangements

At K2, we believe in the motto “work to live, don’t live to work” and we constantly try to support this to the best of our ability. Whenever possible, K2 provides flexible work hours and leave arrangements for all staff, including a voluntary scheme allowing the purchase of additional paid leave.

A continued sense of community and a strong “family business” environment

K2 prides ourselves on having and maintaining a close family feel, even as we continue to grow and expand. Here at K2, we strongly believe in treating our staff as individuals, rather than numbers.

Commitment to growing the industry

Here at K2, we understand the importance of developing and mentoring the new generation of engineers and resource industry workers. We have implemented a formal Graduate program with the aim of developing and sculpting the industry's newest members. In addition, K2 offers non-engineering staff formal and informal training and mentoring to help share the expansive knowledge that staff members hold.

Other K2 Benefits

Please refer to the Human Resources Department for further information with regard to any of the below.

  • Further education assistance - both financial and study leave
  • Service and performance awards
  • Team bonding activities and functions
  • Discounts on private health insurance with MediBank Private
  • Arrangements with Engineers Australia, promoting and facilitating achievement of Chartered Engineering status
  • Options for novated lease vehicles