K2 can provide high value solutions to our customers in governance and integrity management as it relates to all of the services we provide, including the following areas:

Governance and Integrity Management

EAM/CMMS Change Management

We can also carry out the development and monitoring of the change management process for modifications to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems or Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) before, during or after a project start-up.

An effective change management system will ensure that standardised methods and procedures are used for the handling of all changes to the system and reduce the likelihood of poor quality data in the system or the loss of important activities.

Technical Integrity

Assuring technical integrity in any process plant design is essential to ensure that there will be no harm done to people or damage to the environment.

We can also assist with the management of statutory and safety case requirements for your projects related to technical integrity including class certification and integrity compliance.

Governance Documentation

As part of our asset management services, we can assist your organisation with the development of appropriate governance documentation including the management of technical integrity and engineering change management.

Technical integrity addresses the management of barriers to major accident events that would be harmful to people or the environment and it is therefore important to ensure that technical integrity is properly planned and maintained.

Engineering change management also plays an important role in any organisation, where an effective change management system can ensure that changes are carried out in a planned and systemic manner, and have been engineered with due consideration for production and safety impacts without hindering productivity.