Along with our proprietary purpose-built Asset Data Analysis and Management (ADAM) software, we offer professional, qualified, and experienced personnel with up to 35 years of experience gained across a wide variety of industries and operations across the globe.

When you engage K2’s maintenance and reliability management services, not only do we supply you with an experienced team dedicated to delivering your scope of work but you also receive the benefit of an integrated team and a quality management process designed to deliver a fully managed, documented and auditable process. In addition to the development of an appropriate maintenance management philosophy and strategy, including contracting and health care strategies, in consultation with the client, K2 can provide high value solutions to our customers in all areas of maintenance and reliability management.

Maintenance and Reliability Management

Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Development

K2 has all the necessary skills in-house to carry out all the activities from configuration through to final load of your CMMS. With experience in a wide range of systems we are confident that we can assist regardless of the system you operate.

Generic Maintenance Strategies

Based on our extensive industry experience in asset management services, K2 can also assist with the development and implementation of generic equipment maintenance strategies, incorporating both client and K2 experience, OEM recommendations, and statutory requirements.

Maintenance Performance Review

K2 can also provide periodic maintenance performance reviews to confirm that optimum results are continuously achieved, based on the implemented maintenance program and can also recommend any improvements to the program where possible.

Maintenance Plan Optimisation

K2 is experienced in the development and levelling of maintenance plans to suit the client’s maintenance requirements and philosophy (e.g.: equipment shutdown profile).

Maintenance Technical Authoring

K2 can carry out the development of all procedures required for maintenance and inspection tasks including Safety Critical Element (SCE) specific procedures.

K2 can supply templates and generic procedures from our library as a starting point for this work or can work with you to develop your own specific procedures.

Performance Standards

K2 can assist your organisation through the development and implementation of safety, integrity and production critical performance standards required for safe yet optimal operational and maintenance performance.

Maintenance & Inspection Planning

K2 has the resources and capabilities to carry out or assist with the management, including planning and reviewing, of all maintenance related inspections and activities for all assets.

A well-managed maintenance plan can ensure that the production capacity of assets is achieved and can also reduce the likelihood of downtime due to failure, allowing organisations to continuously optimise costs while maintaining safety.

Maintenance & Reliability Studies

The highly qualified and experienced team at K2 can also provide guidance and/or carry out maintenance and reliability studies to further develop optimised maintenance schedules for your assets. This includes:

  • Reliability Availability & Maintainability (RAM) modelling from concept through detailed design and into operation phase;
  • Equipment criticality analysis;
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) reviews including Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA);
  • Safety Integrity Level studies (SIL);
  • Risk Based Inspection studies (RBI); and
  • Preventative Maintenance Optimisation (PMO).

Asset Register Development

Why is it important to have a properly developed asset register? In essence, the asset register gives structure to the maintenance management system and ensures that all safety and production critical assets are appropriately accounted for. It also ensures that maintenance activities are carried out more efficiently and effectively in order to achieve the ultimate goal of optimising both operational and maintenance performance.

K2 can provide your organisation with the required resources and knowledge to achieve a properly developed asset register that captures all important asset data for your plant, facility or mine. Furthermore, K2 can also ensure that the data is organised into a functional hierarchy that allows for improved management of these assets throughout their lifecycle.