Basic Inventory Management (1 Day)

Course Overview

An overview course that covers all the fundamental principles of managing inventory at an introductory level.

Learning Objectives

As a result of completing the Basis User Inventory training course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Understand and interpret common terminology used within industry
  • Exercise sound inventory management practice, understanding how to calculate the ROP and ROQ to effectively manage inventory costs
  • Identify relevant inventory management issues such as quantity, value, trends and processes, that employees may face in the workplace
  • Identify relevant inventory categories and characteristics
  • Define Usage Analysis and to calculate annual usage value ($)
  • Define Holding Analysis and to calculate stock value, including utilising appropriate sorting and coding techniques
  • Define Frequency of Movement and utilise appropriate classification techniques
  • Define Availability Analysis in order to calculate supplier lead time
  • Define Business Impact Code and identify appropriate criticality levels

Who Should Attend?

Those individuals that manage large quantities of inventory or any organisation that manages inventory in general, or individuals that are looking to gain knowledge of inventory management.

How to Register?

To obtain a quote or to find out more information about K2's training capabilities, pleaseĀ contact us here. Alternatively, you can phone us on (08) 6210 2700 to discuss further.