Management of Work Principles (1 Day)

Course Overview

The course discusses the 6 major components of an asset maintenance Work Management Cycle in an operational environment; Identify – Plan – Schedule – Execute – Complete – Analyse. Discussion and example driven, the course covers most aspects of asset maintenance from identifying work, prioritisation of work, industry best practices and processes, planning & scheduling, execution and analysis of performed work. Most of the examples are extracted from an Oracle based CMMS, but transfer readily across any CMMS.

Learning Objectives

As a result of completing the Management of Work Principles training course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Define Management of Work and associated components, its purpose within industry and associated roles and responsibilities
  • Understand the requirements of a Work Request and how to assess priority
  • Understand the components and accountabilities of Work Order Planning and Scheduling
  • Define the steps and requirements of the Execute Work Process and Complete Work Process
  • Understand relevant data analysis techniques and reccomended performance indicators

Who Should Attend?

 The course is aimed at all business operations with Asset Management capability or those considering the implementation of formal Asset Management process to support the maintenance function.

How to Register?

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